Each year, Morrison County Area Foundation (MCAF) accepts grant applications from local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, units of government or public school districts serving the community.

MCAF will accept and consider funding proposals that fit within our mission to improve the quality of life for residents of Morrison County. The following categories will receive priority funding:

  1. Programs that provide positive opportunities for community youth.
  2. Programs that facilitate school and business partnerships to support next generation workforce development.

Build: To build a permanent, flexible and dependable endowment fund that benefits local communities

Invest: To strategically invest in projects that achieve the greatest impact on local quality of life

Serve: To serve donors and reward their generosity by helping them leave a legacy and maximize tax advantages

Manage: To manage charitable gifts in a prudent manner for the long-term benefit of the area

Assemble: To assemble a diverse and knowledgeable advisory board to help govern the Foundation

Provide: To provide leadership to address important community needs or pursue new progressive opportunities